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Showing available courses for Ontario. View Ontario CE requirements.

Ontario agents must now purchase their test prior to completing it. Please click on the "Buy" button in the "Test/Course" column to the right of the course title you wish to complete (you must be logged in to click this link). Then click on "View Cart and Checkout" in the upper right hand corner of your screen and proceed through checkout. After completing the checkout process, click on "View My Account" from the top tool bar. Scroll down until you see the course title you purchased and click where indicated to begin the test.

Pricing is in United States Dollars.

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TESTING: Agents have five chances to pass a test. If you fail five times, the system will lock you out & you will have to complete a different course.


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Course Title Hours License Line Price (USD)
FSRA Ethics in Insurance

163 Pages   View Table of Contents  
15 Life / A&S $40.00
FSRA Remaining Ethical in Insurance

76 Pages   View Table of Contents  
5 Ethics $25.00
FSRA Risk & Return

42 Pages   View Table of Contents  
3 LH $15.00
RIBO Claims-Made Insurance Policies

24 Pages   View Table of Contents  
2 Techincal $15.00
RIBO Cyber Insurance 2nd Edition

111 Pages   View Table of Contents  
8 Technical $25.00
RIBO Insurance, Politics & Climate Change

341 Pages   View Table of Contents  
16 16 Technical $40.00
RIBO Insuring Property & Liability Risks 2nd Edition

261 Pages   View Table of Contents  
16 12 Technical + 4 Ethics $40.00
RIBO Liability Insurance

157 Pages   View Table of Contents  
5 Technical $30.00
RIBO Moral Obligations

52 Pages   View Table of Contents  
2 Ethics $20.00
RIBO PC Professional

248 Pages   View Table of Contents  
11 8 Technical + 3 Ethics $30.00
RIBO Travel Insurance

37 Pages   View Table of Contents  
3 3 Technical $15.00
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