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Course Overview

  Ethics are subjective of course.  Not everyone will view it the same way.  Even so, it is primarily a matter of what is right and wrong.  We look at the common-sense view in this chapter, pointing out that each path taken must be a personal choice, rather than driven by what others tell us to do (our insurance agency, for example).  It would hurt the woman’s feelings if truth was so important that she must be told her dress was ugly.  On the other hand, if she were entering a contest where the dress would be judged by many, then perhaps the woman should be told. The point here is to get the reader thinking about the choices they make every day.  When it comes to their profession, each choice must be made personally so that proper products are placed or, in some cases, no product is placed because it is not appropriate to do so.


We show examples of agents “being sold” on selling products besides insurance products and point out the pitfalls of doing so, especially as it applies to E&O insurance.  Even being pushed to sell certain insurance products when they are not appropriately placed is discussed.

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Chapter 1

Definitions in The Real World

This first chapter covers a wide range of subjects.

Chapter 2

Ethical Investing - Is It Possible?

Chapter two looks at ethical investing and different facets of this.

Chapter 3

Ethical Insurance

The third chapter looks at replacement selling.

Chapter 4

Agent Due Diligence

The fourth chapter discusses due diligence and why it is needed.

Chapter 5

Determining Who We Are

Moral certainty.

Chapter 6

Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Bias

  Chapter six looks at difference biases as well as CRT.

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