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Showing available courses for Texas. View Texas CE requirements.

Provider Number: 32572

VERTAFORE (formerly Sircon): CE Providers are required to notify Vertafore of agent's CE completions. Texas/Vertafore requires a $0.88 (Effective 9/1/2019) per credit hour filing fee to submit CE electronically. The filing fee will be added at checkout. We notify Vertafore daily Monday through Friday.

CLASSROOM EQUIVALENT: To access the course click on the book. The test will be throughout the book. When you reach the end of the course & complete the testing process, then you can order your certificate of completion. No monitor is required for our online courses. You will be required to answer some security questions throughout the testing process.

The online course will remember where you left off if you cannot complete the entire course in one day. You have 30-days to complete a course.

Courses are noted Self-Study or Classroom Equivalent. Texas limits self-study to 50% of total required hours. Classroom equivalent courses are not limited.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Certificates of completion will be available online once we receive online credit card payment. The day you pay for your exam will be your completion date.


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Course Title Hours License Line Price View Test/Course
Annuity Suitability Training (Self-Study)

74 Pages   View Table of Contents  
4 Annuity Cert $15.75 view course take test
(25 Quest.)
ABC's of Annuity Investing (Classroom Equivalent)
Classroom Equivalent
404 Pages   View Table of Contents  
16 5 General + 3 Ethics + 8 CE-Annuity $25.75   take test
Annuities - an Investment Tool (Self-Study)

125 Pages   View Table of Contents  
8 CE Annuity $20.75 view course take test
(50 Quest.)
Annuity Investing for Retirement, Part 1 (Classroom Equivalent)
Classroom Equivalent
226 Pages   View Table of Contents  
12 8 CE-Annuity + 4 General $25.75   take test
Equity Indexed Annuities (Self-Study)
70 Pages   View Table of Contents  
4 CE_Annuity $20.75 view course take test
(25 Quest.)
Indexed Deferred Annuity Vehicles (Classroom Equivalent)
Classroom Equivalent
70 Pages   View Table of Contents  
4 CE-Annuity $17.75   take test
Securely Insured Part 1 (Classroom Equivalent)
Classroom Equivalent
210 Pages   View Table of Contents  
12 8 General + 4 CE-Annuity $25.75   take test
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