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Showing available courses for Michigan. View Michigan CE requirements.

Provider Number: 0661

CE CREDITS: We will notify Michigan daily Monday through Friday. If you wish, you can pay $5 to have us submit your information to Michigan before our regular submission time.  Michigan charges $1 per credit hour. This fee will be added at checkout.

Agents have five chances to pass a test. If you fail five times, the system will lock you out & you will have to complete a different course.  The day you pay for your exam will be your completion date.

MONITOR/PROCTOR: Michigan requires a disinterested third party person watch you complete your test online. Your completion date is the day we receive payment.


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Annuity Suitability Training
Program of Study: Annuities
74 Pages   View Table of Contents  
4 Life (Annuities) $15.75 view course take test
(25 Quest.)
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