Crop Insurance

The course titled Crop Insurance is designed for those agents who sell insurance to individuals involved in the agricultural industry.  It covers the four primary categories (damaged or lost crops, liability, livestock, and specialized for unique perils) as well as other types of coverage associated with crop insurance.

Crop producer responsibilities are discussed since that is so important to issuing crop insurance policies.  Crop yield insurance is covered in detail as well as yield-based policies.  This course also covers revenue insurance plans and policy endorsements.

The Crop Insurance course looks at new policies and policy expansion. 

The Federal crop insurance corporation is discussed so agents understand how this organization promotes economic stability of the agriculture industry through a system of crop insurance.  Anything that promotes research and development of the agricultural industry, as the FCIC does, benefits the crop insurance industry.

This course also looks at the insurance contract since agents obviously must know and understand the policies they work with.  Terms that appear in crop insurance policies are discussed in lay terms so even the new agent can gain understanding of their meanings.

The Crop Insurance course also looks at the commodity programs that are legislated or have been legislated.  All of this subject matter relates to the policies the agent will be promoting.