Umbrella Insurance

Course Description


  The objective of this course is to educate the field agent in the aspects of liability umbrella insurance. This would include underwriting, policy characteristics, and general dollar amounts that are issued.


  This course is designed for the property casualty agent who is interested in marketing umbrella liability policies. With that goal in mind, the course defines this type of insurance policy, demonstrates how it compares and differs from similar liability policies and states how and where such a policy fits in a consumer's insurance package.


  Because liability policies, of all types, are closely linked to risk exposures, this is looked at in detail so that the field agent will understand how risk exposures affect the policies that are issued. No policy covers everything. This is also discussed.


  When an agent has completed this course, he or she will be equipped to discuss this type of policy with the consumer. Although this course was developed for the agent who has a small amount of knowledge in liability concepts, even a newly licensed agent could benefit from the information. For the experienced agent, it would be a review. Because the course discusses such things as the types of liabilities, underwriting procedures and even the companies that help insurers gather information, experienced agents may easily learn something new themselves.


  Finally, Umbrella Insurance looks at agent ethics. While we realize that most agents are honest people, the ethics chapter deals with more than the basics. It reviews due diligence and the steps an agent can take to ensure they deal with secure companies. This, of course, benefits the consumer. It also gives some history into the making of laws that deal with consumer issues.


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