Surviving Ethically

Course Description


   Surviving Ethically is a field guide for agents.  Insurance agents face more ethical questions than probably any other career group.  Part of this is due to their role with the public.  We believe that most insurance agents are honest people.  Even so, we feel it makes sense to remind the field agents of their ethical responsibilities.


   Surviving Ethically looks at the general trends in our society.  From this viewpoint, the course looks at what ethics really is.  It looks at ethics from a historical standpoint since what society views as ethical, changes as social trends change.


   This course points out attitudes that an agent needs to avoid if they are to make insurance their career.  Such things as value judgments, communication skills and avoiding instant gratification are discussed.  We also look at why business needs a code of ethics.  When ethics are not stressed in business at the management level, it will not be stressed at the field level either. 


   Although desired behavior can be mandated by law if necessary, this course strives to show individuals why it is to their benefit to follow ethical guidelines whether mandated or not.  We look at what it takes to make ethical decisions.  We look at what it takes to market insurance products ethically while still making a good living.


   Finally, we look at what it takes to maintain an ethical style of living.  This includes both work and home life.  We realize that this course will not change who a person really is; only that person can choose the course their life will take.  However, we do feel that many agents desire to be ethical.  This course will guide those agents in the right direction.