Property/Casualty Insurance

Course Description

Pages:† 124


This course is designed for those licensed as property/casualty agents and adjusters.† It includes the required information for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) as required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). †Since much of the course is dedicated to the NFIP requirement, this course qualifies for the flood continuing education requirement in those states having this requirement.


Additionally Property/Casualty Insurance covers underwriting risks, moral hazards, the law of probability, and risk types.† It then moves on to auto insurance providing the components of a policy.† This course covers the elements of the policy, such as the declarations page and insuring agreements.†


This course is unique in that it also covers new elements in auto insurance, such as the elements that drive up premiums costs, such as new drivers, distracting driving, and the most likely to be stolen vehicle types.


It covers the elements of insuring a new vehicle as well as insuring classic cars.† The course covers RV insurance, motorcycle insurance, mechanical breakdown policies, and pay-as-you-go insurance.† Liability coverage is covered in depth.


No-fault insurance offered in states with no-fault laws is covered and discusses the need to establish fault in those states that base insurance payment on fault laws.


Homeowner insurance is also covered in depth.† The course examines property exposures and liability exposures.† Replacement cost versus actual cost is explained in a way that allows agents to explain this to their clients.† The need to carry 80% of the total replacement value is explained.


The basic homeowner forms are discussed with special attention given to Form #4, renters insurance.† College student renterís insurance is also included in this course.


Negligence laws are discussed: pure comparative negligence; modified comparative negligence; and contributory negligence.† Finally, notice of loss and processing a claim is covered in the course.


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