LTC & Life Insurance in Canada


Course Description



  Written specifically for Canadians, this course looks at a variety of life and health insurance issues.


  After a brief look at the current situation, the course examines where long-term care in general is headed, including nursing home care, assisted living care and home care.  Critical illness policies are looked at since they have been traditionally well accepted in Canada.  Investment risk (something insurers consider) is discussed in relation to how this impacts Canadians. 


  Long-Term care policies are discussed in detail, looking at the approaching baby boomers and what affect this have on the long-term care insurance market as well as the effect it will have on Canadians in general.


  Life insurance is discussed in various ways.  Most agents that sell life insurance already have a good working knowledge of the policies, although we briefly review this information.  Primarily this course concentrates on other aspects.  We look at what constitutes an insurable risk and why that is important.  We look at STOLIs and life and viatical settlement contracts.


  In today’s world anti-money laundering issues are a serious concern; one that life agents must be completely aware of.  This is addressed in detail.