Ethical By Choice

Course Description



The Mind

  Ethical By Choice is designed for the agent who desires to broaden their perspective through exposure to new ideas.  While it may not be possible to make someone become ethical, we do believe that most people are open to new avenues of thought on the subject.  Therefore, we offer varied views.


Although ethics are involved in every aspect of life, this course concentrates on modern day subjects, such as ethics in the workplace, and making purposeful decisions regarding specific activities.



Teaching Ethics

  States mandate education as a way of expanding an agent’s knowledge.  Most professionals feel that education is essential for consumer protection; the more an agent knows, the better their job performance will be.


The question has been “Can ethics be taught?”  While education will not necessarily change the activities of someone who intends to take advantage of others, it does improve the performance of the majority.  This course points out the responsibility each of us has towards others, including our clients.  It discusses rationalization that is often used to make ourselves feel better when we know we have not performed as expected.  Listening is also stressed, since we cannot perform as expected unless we know what is expected.



Financial Ethics

  Consumers are more interested than ever before in investing according to their personal ethical standards.  Insurance agents must be prepared to at least understand the concept, even if they do not actively participate in it.  This chapter offers an explanation of how it works.


As we know, every person has a personal code they follow; whether or not we consider it to be ethical will depend upon our personal views.  The importance of a course such as this is to bring up all the possibilities that exist in decision-making.  The end result will, of course, actually depend upon the agent.  However, it is important that each agent at least be exposed to the elements that will affect their work, and ultimately the consumer.