Women’s Insurance & Retirement




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Course Overview

  This course looks at insurance needs from a woman's perspective. Since women may be single by choice, divorced or widowed each situation is considered.


  Myths about a woman's ability to handle finances still exist and may cloud an agent's view regarding a woman’s financial goals, needs and suitability as it relates to insurance. This is discussed in length. We also look at how widowhood may cloud a woman's judgment in the time following her husband's death. We look at the problems divorce brings as well.


  Since financial planning involves more than life insurance and annuities, we look fully at all of the financial aspects. This includes pension plans, IRAs, the use of credit, how debt affects retirement goals, Social Security issues and utilizing trusts and wills effectively.


  Although this course benefits anyone insurance salesperson, we feel it is especially beneficial to the growing force of female agents who may wish to specialize in the needs of other women. Since we look at life, health (including nursing home insurance), disability, and property and casualty insurance, a woman in any line of insurance will find the information useful and applicable to their daily routine.


  It is our hope that this course will do the following:


·         Allow male agents in the field to focus specifically on a woman’s financial needs and product suitability, providing them with a fuller understanding of female issues.

·         Give female agents in the field the opportunity to use the information supplied to fully benefit their gender.

·         Make agents of either gender aware of the possibilities, problems, and financial goals of women.

Course Schedule




Chapter 1

Women and Financial Myths

Getting read for retirement post-divorce or widowhood.

Chapter 2


Entering probate.

Chapter 3

Living Single


Chapter 4

Marriage & Finances

Sharing ownership.

Chapter 5

Financial Control


Chapter 6

Insurance and Debt

Chapter 7

Retirement Investing


Chapter 8

Women’s Retirement Issues


Chapter 9

Combining Insurance with Other Tools

Wills, living trust, property ownership.

Chapter 10

Selecting Life & Health Insurance

Looks at the various insurance options from disability insurance to health care.

Chapter 11

Selecting Property & Casualty Insurance

Looks at the various P&C options from auto insurance to liability insurance.

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