Seeking Security




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Course Overview

  This course covers financial planning issues related to obtaining financial security.  It is a time sequential course starting off with budgeting, and financial organization.


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Chapter 1

In the Beginning


Chapter 2

Establishing A Financial Picture & Net Worth

Financial worth is discussed, including how to figure net worth using standard worksheets.

Chapter 3

Establishing Goals

Since establishing financial goals is necessary to any financial plan, chapter 3 looks at goal setting that is realistic.  Once goals are established, the course moves on to investments and investment risk, including the silent risk – inflation.

Chapter 4

Suitable Recommendations

Chapter 5

Emergency Funds


Chapter 6

Avoiding Debt

Chapter 6 looks at the way credit card debt works and how the interest rate charged takes even more than one often realizes.

Chapter 7

Safety Through Insurance

Chapter 7 deals with health insurance, including major medical plans, Medicare supplemental plans, and long-term care insurance for the nursing home.

Chapter 8


The course progresses on through disability plans, and life insurance (including who really needs it).

Chapter 9

Life Insurance

Chapter 10

Protecting Assets

Since agents know that insurance is all about protecting assets, chapter ten looks at property and casualty lines (home and auto insurance).

Chapter 11

Looking at Taxes Sensibly

Chapter 12

Employer-Sponsored Insurance Benefits

Chapter 12 looks at insurance that is obtained through employment.  Medical insurance is most likely the result of employment, but other types are also available.

Chapter 13

Saving Adequately for Retirement

Chapter 13 examines the financial needs in retirement.  This primarily deals with saving enough money during our working years to be able to be financially comfortable when retirement comes.  Planning for retirement also means planning our estate.  

Chapter 14

Estate Planning

Chapter 14 looks at that topic.  Estate planning involves many things, including gifting and other property distribution, wills and revocable trusts, and even planning for our pets after we are gone.

Chapter 15

Practical Ethics

Finally, Seeking Security looks at the need for ethics in our day-to-day lives.  While morals are part of everyone’s life, it is essential in a field like insurance that deals with consumer finances.

Additional Information

This course is not approved for suitability and best interest requirements. It is approved for continuing education.