The Property/Casualty (PC) Professional




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Course Overview

  This course is designed to cover the multiple topics that a property and casualty insurance producer needs to understand.


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Chapter 1

The Agent’s Role

The course begins with coverage on the role agents play in this type of insurance coverage. As we know, many types of policies can be purchased over the Internet, without help from an insurance producer. It is knowledge and past experience that agents bring to the table that is not available on the Internet.

Chapter 2

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Chapter 2 looks at EPLI, a quickly emerging element in the insurance markets. Employment Practices Liability Insurance was seldom seen a decade ago but today it is a blossoming market as companies are sued for everything from failing-to-hire to the type of software used.

Chapter 3

FEMA’s Flood Requirements

Chapter 3 provides the full federal flood requirement education and meets the NFIP requirements for flood education. It includes FEMA, community participation, the emergency program and the regular program. It looks at building codes that affect flood insurance and mandatory purchase requirements in some areas. Course covers Risk Rating 2.0.

Chapter 4

Hurricane Insurance

Chapter 4 looks at hurricane insurance, including the six critical areas. Wind resistive features and opening protection, roofs and exteriors, plus other elements are covered.

Chapter 5

Commodity/Crop Insurance

Chapter 5 covers crop insurance. It looks at the four categories involved of damaged or lost crops, injuries to workers and damage to physical property, livestock losses, and specialized coverage for some types of farming having unique challenges.


  This chapter looks at the responsibilities agents have who sell this type of coverage. This is not a type of insurance that agents should attempt unless they are well aware of all aspects it involves. The chapter looks at crop yield insurance and revenue insurance plans.

Chapter 6

Auto Insurance

Chapter 6 is on automobile coverage. This is one type of property/casualty insurance that most PC insurance producers understand because it is a commonly sold type of policy. The chapter looks at the various parts of the policy (A to F). It looks at PIP coverage and FAP policies. This chapter is a complete A to Z coverage of the automobile insurance industry.

Chapter 7

Homeowner’s Insurance

Chapter 7 covers homeowner’s insurance, including renter’s insurance for non-home owners. It looks at the various forms of homeowner coverage, including coverage for condominiums. The types of risk, from natural disasters to hurricanes and tornadoes is discussed in terms of coverage, limitations, and exclusions.

Chapter 8


This chapter covers ethics and multiple examples.

Additional Information

Where applicable, this course may be approved for NFIP Flood credits.

Flood chapter is ClearCert Approved.