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Course Overview

  Liability Insurance is completely devoted to helping the agent gain a better understanding of liabilities that affect their clients. The text goes into detail about liability policies covering a wide variety of perils. It covers General Liability, Automobile Liability and Employer's Liability, along with miscellaneous liability insurance coverages.

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Chapter 1

Liability & Risk

Definition of Risk.

Chapter 2

General Liability

The General Liability chapter covers owners', landlords' and tenants' (OL&T) liability form, the manufacturers' and contractors' (M&C) liability form and the comprehensive general liability (GCL) form. It also covers an extensive list of other liability coverages available to meet their clients’ specific needs.

Chapter 3

Auto Liability

 The Automobile Liability chapter covers the different laws used in each state used to protect their lives. It covers JUA, UFJ UJF as well as Uninsured motorists’ coverage and no-fault insurance plans.

Chapter 4

Employers' Liability

The Employer's Liability covers workers' compensation laws, compulsory and elective laws as well as basic rating plans and second-injury funds.

Chapter 5

Miscellaneous Liability Insurance

The miscellaneous property and liability chapter covers aviation insurance, boiler & machinery insurance, glass insurance, credit insurance and title insurance. It does cover in small proportions some other types of miscellaneous liability insurance coverages.

Chapter 6

Underwriting Liability Policies

  To help the agent understand the entire scope, the last chapter covers underwriting requirements. This chapter covers reinsurance and the need for it; along with the advantages it affords the insurance industry.

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