Insurance, Politics & Climate Change


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Agents who chose this course should put aside prejudices, politics, and Uncle Bobís view to understand the material from a scientific standpoint. It is interesting that fossil fuel lawyers fighting lawsuits have conceded that, based on science, climate change is real and currently happening. The legal battles are not whether climate change exists, which is why fossil fuel lawyers have said they believe it is real, but rather who has failed to mitigate the damages appropriately. Insurers certainly want to attempt mitigation to lessen their losses but overall, few people (including politicians) seem interested in doing so.


This course may be more difficult than most because it incorporates more than the bread-and-butter issues of insurance. It examines why changes are happening, what 97% of the world scientists expect to come, and what we can expect from insurers. Liability claims will be worse, insurers feel, that tobacco and asbestos claims were. They will be worse because the knowledge has existed for decades, but few industries and even governments have taken the precautions needed to prevent losses. Fault does not fall only on fossil fuel industries; fault lies with everyone, but especially those motivated by greed. Climate change is not about weather; it is about money: who has it, who wants it, and who will likely end up with it. Everyone else will fund the losses while those at the top pocket the money.


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