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Course Overview

Although Errors and Omissions insurance is sold by property and casualty agents, the subject itself is important to agents of all lines.

Every agent has the possibility of being sued. The point of this course is to:

Explain precisely what this type of liability insurance is;

1.       Show agents what they must do to lessen their chances of being sued (such as documentation & full disclosure);

2.       Teach agents, who are not familiar with liability products, how to read and understand these policies;

3.       Review ethical standards, which are part of avoiding lawsuits.

Although most agents are ethical people, lawsuits will become more and more prevalent, especially for some types of agents, such as financial planners. This course addresses these issues.

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Chapter 1

Liability Dangers

Definition of a “professional” broadened, Ethical Guidelines, Standard of Care, Negligence is a Tort, Civil and Criminal Wrongs.

Chapter 2

General Liability

Risk Avoidance, Conflict of Interest, Burden of Proof, Last Clear Chance, Agent/Broker Distinction.

Chapter 3

Preventive Measures

Triggers, Degree of Risk, Degree of Loss, Pure Risks, Full Disclosure, Fiduciary Duties.

Chapter 4

The Policy

Claims-Made / Occurrence Policies.

Chapter 5

Professional Ethics

Industry ethics, setting down priorities, psychological egoism, code of values, Examples

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