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Course Overview

  Has retirement become impossible?  Many people are beginning to believe, at the very least, it will be difficult to achieve.  Dollars and Sense looks at current financial issues, what the future is likely to bring, and how to financially survive retirement.


  After looking at the issues involved in planning ahead for retirement, such as potential length of retirement life, rising medical and long-term care costs for seniors, Social Security,


  The course provides education on elements that must be considered when planning for a financially secure retirement, such as long-term care and long-term care insurance, other medical needs, and use of estate planning tools.


  The course also covers IRAs, various life insurance products, insurance trusts, and annuities.  Employer pension plans are covered as well as 401(k) plans.  All types of financial vehicles are considered as part of determining whether enough assets exist to cover the individual throughout their retirement. 


  We also included a chapter on ethics since it is so important to properly use assets that are needed in retirement.  An agent who does not act ethically can condemn the consumer to poverty in their final years.


  This course may be used by the new agent who has not worked with retirement funding, but it is best used by the experienced agent.  The course is detailed but that is necessary to fully cover the subject.  An experienced agent is more likely to fully understand the concepts, but it will also introduce the newer agent to the fundamentals of retirement planning.

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Chapter 1

The Reality

Overview of the different things that cause retirement stresses.

Chapter 2

Retirement Considerations

Medicare, LTC, Safety of our Investments.

Chapter 3


Individual retirement Accounts.

Chapter 4

Life Insurance

A great deal of attention is given to life insurance products since it is these policies that provide the initial estate for most individuals.

Chapter 5

Insurance Trusts

Types of trusts.

Chapter 6


Annuities are discussed as vehicles for retirement or estate planning requirements.  As part of this chapter payout options are discussed, including how each option may apply, the long-term nature of most annuities, and penalty periods that might apply (both insurer and tax penalties).

Chapter 7


Pension Plans, 401(k) Plans, SEP

Chapter 8

Sensible Ethics

Why be Ethical? 

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