Discrimination in the Insurance Industry




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Course Overview

An informative retrospective on racial discrimination in the insurance industry. For Cananda, how the Charter of Rights and Freedoms may have an influence on present day policies and underwriting guidelines. Review a brief history of racial discrimination in America and some legal cases that have influenced present day policies underwriting guidelines. Understand how you can identify and delineate between direct and subtle forms of discrimination with the aim of eliminating discriminatory practices in the insurance industry.

Learning Objectives: By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

        Highlight important legislation and their relevance to the insurance industry.

        Define the main issue regarding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it relates to insurance.

        Define unfair discrimination and identify subtle forms of discriminatory practices.

        Apply course information to the workplace with a practical and ethical mindset.

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Section 1

Identifying Systemic Discrimination in Insurance

Section 2

An Analysis of Racial Discrimination in America and Insurance

Section 3

Defining Unfair Discrimination in the Insurance Industry

Section 4

Identifying Subtle Forms of Discrimination in Insurance Practice


Racial Discrimination in the Insurance Industry



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