Disability Insurance, 2nd Edition




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Course Overview

  Disability Insurance is, with the exception of the Ethics chapter, completely devoted to helping the field agent gain a better understanding of disability insurance. The text goes into detail about certain provisions and riders important to prospective policyholders. These provisions and riders include a description of the 12 mandatory and 11 optional, plus others. COLA, Return of Premium and the Social Security riders are just a few covered. As we know, there is no "single" product that is best for everyone (although some companies and agents would try to convince otherwise).


  To help the agent understand the entire scope, a chapter is included dealing with underwriting requirements and procedures. This chapter also covers reinsurance and the need for that along with the advantages in affords the insurance industry.


  Some situations or conditions of a person's life alter how a DI policy should be used or the riders and provisions that should be included. Therefore, things such as Social Security and worker's compensation are looked at to give the agent a full understanding of how benefits of a DI policy could be altered by these additional benefits.

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Chapter 1


Is insurance needed?

Chapter 2

Types of Coverage

Where is DI available?

Chapter 3

Provisions & Riders

Commons Riders

Chapter 4

Occupational Classifications

Underwriting & Reinsurance

Chapter 5



Chapter 6

Rating Systems

Why does this matter? The chapter looks at why they are so important to the agent as well as the prospective client. The agent is given addresses and telephone numbers to help them obtain this information to better serve their current and future clients.

Chapter 7


In the insurance industry today, there is of move to requiring agents to include this subject as an addition to their educational requirements or as part of their educational requirements. Although agents do have a concept of right and wrong, it is a good overall review. The chapter looks at the definition of ethics and due diligence.

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