Comprehensive Family Insurance Planning




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Course Overview

Comprehensive Family Insurance Planning is completely devoted to helping the life & health agent gain a better understanding of the needs of a growing family. This includes life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, retirement planning, college planning, pet insurance and the last chapter on ethics.


The text goes into detail about all the types of life insurance, like term cash value and whole life policies. Health insurance covers HMOs, PPOs, group insurance as well as individual insurance. The chapter on health insurance also covers provisions and riders important to prospective policyholders. These provisions and riders include a description of the 12 mandatory and 11 optional, plus others. The disability chapter covers the riders available like the COLA, Return of Premium and the Social Security riders.


The objective of this course is to help the agent think of things they may not already be aware of.

Course Schedule




Chapter 1

Life Insurance

Term, Whole Life, Universal Life

Chapter 2

Health Insurance

Medicare, AHCA

Chapter 3

Disability Insurance

Degrees of disability, riders, SSDI, SSI

Chapter 4

Pet Insurance

NAIC Model Law

Chapter 5

Planning for Retirement

The chapter is quite extensive, covering portions on annuities, living trusts, wills, probate and how these affect families as well as choosing guardians for the children. The chapter also covers long-term care products.

Chapter 6

Paying for College

Focuses attention on planning for and funding a college education for the family's children. It covers the insurance products available to meet these needs.

Chapter 7

Integrating Insurance with Financial Planning

Life insurance & wills, trusts, the estate.

Chapter 8

Insurance Ethics

 The ethics chapter touches on best interest requirements but highlights that not just life health agents need to practice best interest requirements. The chapter looks at SECís best interest requirements how they compare to the NAICís best interest requirements.

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