8-Hour Partnership Long Term Care Policies


Course Description



  The Partnership Long-Term Care Policies course is specifically designed to meet the education requirements of Partnership policies.  It covers all the aspects an agent needs to know prior to marketing LTC contracts.


  Statistically we know that many people will need long-term care services of some type.  The risk of needing this type of care increases as we age.  Because Medicaid is the primary payor of nursing home costs, state and federal governments are hoping to encourage the purchase of nursing home insurance that will pick up some or all of the costs involved.  As an inducement for consumers who consider the purchase of long-term care coverage, asset protection measures are available to those who buy Partnership long-term care policies.


  Agents are extremely important to the success or failure of Partnership plans.  They are the individuals that will bring this urgent need to the attention of consumers.  Agents must be educated not only in the policies, but also in the need for expanding their use.  Agents must understand how Medicare and Medicaid qualifications work and what asset protection means for their policyholders.


  The Partnership Long-Term Care Policies course was updated in 2015.  It looks at all aspects of this topic, including today’s improved insurance products.  It compares benefits offered in both traditional LTC policies and Partnership policies so informed decisions can be made.  Since all states may now participate in LTC asset protection coverage, it educates agents on the terms and definitions needed to understand these complex contracts.


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